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  • We will develop an effective sales tool
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract the flow of customers
Every project created is our pride!

Why are our projects effective?

A marketer works
on each project

This means that the created site is guaranteed to bring customers. It is the marketer who explores a niche, looks for ways to "beat" competitors, draws up creative ideas and implements interactive projects.

Only high-quality

We think unconventionally - that's why we focus on design. 74% of modern sales are carried out through a visual image. Be sure - the creativity of our designers is able to win the hearts of your customers!

Modern layout
and programming

In order to maintain a high level of programming and to be "on trend", we regularly attend training courses. That is why our works open perfectly on all devices and have a very fast download speed. This is an important indicator of a quality website.


We are a certified advertising agency. Each team member is required to be certified and undergoes internal testing on a monthly basis. Our knowledge is based on vast experience, which means that the services rendered will be made only by professionals in their field!

Our rates


For whom



  • All the Necessary Functionality

  • Basic Content of the Site

  • Unlimited Number of Pages

  • Premium Design

  • Crossbrowser Compatibility

  • Adaptive Layout

  • Administrative Panel

  • Create a Mailbox

  • Automatic Site Backup

  • Encrypting the Admin Area Address

  • Protection From Attacks

  • Learning to Work With The Site

  • Internal SEO Optimization

  • Installing Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica

  • Goal Setting

  • Setting up Contextual Advertising

  • Contextual Advertising Management

  • Technical Support

  • Hosting

  • Deadline


When you only need a website

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  • 1 month free of charge

  • up to 20 days

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When you need a website and ad settings

19000 uah

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  • 1 week free of charge

  • 1 month free of charge

  • up to 25 days

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How is the work process going?


Leave a request, we will answer your questions


Fill out a brief for website development


We study your business and target audience


Make an advance payment of 50%, we are starting to develop a website


We create a working version of the site and demonstrate it


We make all adjustments according to your wishes


Approve the website and pay us in full


We transfer the site to hosting, and you get all access to it

The effectiveness of services
is guaranteed by

Viktor Rets

Viktor Rets
  • Founder of RetsCorp Agency
  • Entrepreneur, investor, marketer
  • Graduate of the Institute of Entrepreneurship «Strategy»
    with a degree in Software Engineering
  • Certified specialist in Yandex Direct, Yandex Metrika,
    Google Maps and Google Analytics
  • Since 2016 in digital marketing
Our task is to make the business memorable and profitable! Otherwise, what are we working for?

Leave a request, and Victor will personally contact you, help you choose an effective promotion strategy, announce the cost of the application and the approximate number of clients per month

Viktor Rets

Yandex Direct Specialist Certificate
Yandex Metrica Specialist Certificate
Google Ads Specialist Certificate
Google Analytic Specialist Certificate

Reviews from satisfied customers

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Basic features of the catalog site

  • Administrative panel

    The site has an admin section. This allows you to manage its content yourself.

  • Basic content of the site

    Filling the site with materials and categories.

  • Unlimited number of pages

    The site has no restrictions on the number of pages. The client can always expand and supplement the content.

  • Product catalog

    Allows you to create a catalog of products on the site and group them into categories.

  • News feed

    Provides an opportunity to keep a news feed on the site. Articles can be grouped by categories, displayed in a short form and on different parts of the site.

  • Search

    Allows you to search on the site for various information, titles or page content.

  • Questions and answers

    Allows site visitors to ask a question, and the administrator to answer it or simply create a FAQ.

  • Reviews

    Allows site visitors to write reviews that are moderated before publication.

  • Feedback form

    Allows clients to send messages from the site.

  • Slideshow

    Allows you to place an interactive image slider. It is very convenient and practical for presenting shares, services, and company activities in a graphical form.

  • Photo gallery

    Provides an opportunity to organize a photo gallery in the best way for the user.

  • Watermark on the photo

    Allows you to automatically put a watermark on all photos of goods to protect copyrights and from unauthorized use by third parties.

  • Integration of social networks

    Instagram Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram social network icons can be placed on the site.

  • Integration of Like social networks

    Allows you to place on the Like site of social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+

  • Product order

    Allows you to place an order for a product or service to a customer in one click by filling out the form fields.

  • Order a Call

    Allows you to place a form on the site for visitors who want to be called back by the site administration.

  • Travel map

    Connecting interactive zoomable Google maps or Yandex to display travel to the client's office.

  • Online consultant

    Introduction to the website of an online consultant. Provides real-time customer feedback.

How the result is achieved


Niche Analysis

We are conducting an analysis of the niche in which you work. We study your products, conduct research of competitors and the market environment. The results of the study are used to create a selling text.


Selling Texts

We write selling texts for your site, which include headline options, descriptions of trade offers, advantages, calls to action, promotions and other elements necessary for high conversion.


Selling Triggers

At the stage of text development, we actively use selling triggers, including: social evidence, promotions, cases, status triggers. All triggers are carefully selected according to the niche in which your business operates.


Selling Design

We are developing a unique premium-level design for your website. When creating, the portrait of the target audience is taken into account so that the design fully meets the expectations of potential customers.


Crossbrowser Compatibility

The site is configured to display correctly in all popular browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer.


Adaptive Layout

At this stage, we are making up the site taking into account the screen sizes and various platforms of modern devices. Your website looks equally good on computers and mobile devices.


Administrative Panel

We introduce an administrator section into the site that allows you to independently, without the help of programmers, make changes to the site.


Domain and Hosting Registration

The domain name and hosting are issued to you and completely belong to you, the first month of hosting as a gift.


Install a Yandex Metric and Google Analytics

Set on the website counters Yandex Metric and Google Analytics and we advise You to use Analytics.


Goal Setting

This will allow you to track and measure the cost of leads and applications coming through various advertising channels.


Selection of Requests

We make a selection of potentially promising requests. Non-target queries are filtered using stop words.


Unique Ads

For each request, a unique ad with a high CTR is written. Ads are created in such a way that they attract as much attention as possible, but at the same time weed out inappropriate transitions.


Setting up Yandex Direct and Google Ads

We create and set up advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google Ads. After launching the campaigns, we optimize the cost per click and CTR, and also do an additional sweep of stop words.


Create a Mailbox

We create and set up a mailbox for you on the domain of your website. Such a mailbox will inspire more trust among your customers.


Campaign Management

We monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and make adjustments to improve it.


Technical Support

We monitor the work of your site and make the necessary changes to the content and functionality.

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