High-quality professional writing of texts

  • A good text is not just a beautiful design of your website. The level of interest of search engines and potential site visitors depends on how well it is written.
  • SEO copywriting is an opportunity to create selling texts that competently describe your product or service.

Do you need a high-quality literate text?


Will sell your product or service

Our texts contain all the necessary selling elements – USP, calls to action, competent descriptions of advantages.


Will give your product individual features

We will highlight and colorfully present the key characteristics of the product, clearly describe what the buyer should pay attention to.


Will confirm the level of your expertise

All texts are written by authors who are experts in their subjects, competently and carefully using professional terminology.


Will answer all the questions of the person reading the text

In a language accessible to the reader, we will fully reveal the essence of the issue, informatively, but at the same time, concisely convey all the most important points.


Will give the client the necessary information about your company

We carefully and scrupulously approach the process of selecting information, observe a clear logic in the facts.


Will encourage the reader to perform the necessary actions

The target visitor is highly likely to leave a request, comment, review on the site or make a call.


It will become the main element of internal site optimization

High–quality content is the key to the rapid promotion of the site on the Internet. The positions of sites filled with our texts are growing in search engines by leaps and bounds.


Will attract the target audience to the site

We know perfectly well how to maximize the potential of the property-benefit bundle by motivating the reader to perform a targeted action.

Our services



  • Unique texts or articles created by deep processing of other authors' materials in order to bring them to the level of original content.


  • Original advertising or presentation texts that directly or indirectly advertise or popularize a product, service or company.


  • Texts optimized for specific search queries in order to increase the site's position in search engines and convey information to the visitors of the resource.


  • NLP text should include positive emotions, arouse the desire to act.
  • Persuasion with the help of NLP texts helps to adjust to the client in order to gain trust and sell.
  • Our task is to dissolve into the "field" of a person and write a test that affects basic needs.


  • PR-texts form the attitude of customers to the company, increase credibility and recognition, attract attention and improve the image.
  • PR-texts are created in order to show the advantages of the company, to tell a wide audience about its activities, to draw attention to specific aspects of business activity.

Press Releases

  • Do you want the whole Internet to know about your company? So that tomorrow all the news agencies will be full of headlines about your new product or service? So, today you need to make a competent press release.
  • A press release is a short and succinct information message for the press that contains any news about the activities of the organization.

Why choose us?

Individual approach

  • We do not use text templates and template approaches to clients.
  • We perform each task with maximum efficiency.

Quality comes first

  • Each order is carried out strictly according to the task.
  • The text is thoroughly checked before delivery to the customer.

Right on time

  • Our company guarantees 100% compliance with the deadlines for the delivery of the text.
  • We are always confident in our capabilities and therefore set only real deadlines for the completion of work.

Payment after verification

  • You pay the entire amount only after you check and verify the quality of the work.
  • You can pay for the order in any convenient way.

How is the work process going?


Leave a request, we will answer your questions


We discuss all the technical aspects


We study your business and target audience


Make an advance payment of 50%, we start writing texts


Creating a unique selling text


We make all adjustments according to your wishes


Approve the text and pay us in full


Guaranteed to get website promotion

The effectiveness of services
is guaranteed by

Viktor Rets

Viktor Rets
  • Founder of RetsCorp Agency
  • Entrepreneur, investor, marketer
  • Graduate of the Institute of Entrepreneurship «Strategy»
    with a degree in Software Engineering
  • Certified specialist in Yandex Direct, Yandex Metrika,
    Google Maps and Google Analytics
  • Since 2016 in digital marketing
Our task is to make the business memorable and profitable! Otherwise, what are we working for?

Leave a request, and Victor will personally contact you, help you choose an effective promotion strategy, announce the cost of the application and the approximate number of clients per month

Viktor Rets

Yandex Direct Specialist Certificate
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Google Ads Specialist Certificate
Google Analytic Specialist Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the text match my assignment?

Yes, each text is written in strict accordance with the wishes of the customer. Any suggestions from the studio are always first agreed with you.

Will I definitely get a high-quality text?

We guarantee the execution of the order according to the highest quality standards. You pay for our services only after accepting the order.

The price of the order will not increase in the course of work?

No, the price is discussed before the project is taken into operation, and does not change.

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