Setting Up and Maintaining
Google Ads
  • Sales growth from 2 to 50 times
  • Let's create a sales machine
  • Attract the flow of customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Push aside competitors to "smoke"

For whom we can customize Google Ads

What is included in the setup Google Ads

  • Let's analyze your website/landing page. We will identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Market research. We will identify the TOP 20 competitors, analyze their advertising, prices, USP.
  • Let's analyze the demand. We will identify the seasonality, the number of potential customers per month.
  • Let's calculate the advertising budget. Let's calculate the budget based on the above conclusions.
  • Let's calculate the approximate cost of the request/call.
  • Let's collect keywords (the number will depend on the selected tariff + depends on the specifics of your business + from the advertising budget).
  • Let's make a list of common negative words.
  • Let's make a Cross-minus of keywords.
  • We will write selling headlines and ad texts.
  • Let's place UTM tags.
  • Let's create additional links.
  • Upload ads and configure ad campaign parameters in your Google Ads account.
  • Set up for several regions if necessary.
  • We will pass moderation in the Google Ads system.
  • We will set bids.
  • Let's connect Google Analytics.
  • Let's set goals.
  • Set up remarketing.
  • Configure CMS.
  • We will find suitable images or create them ourselves.
  • We will write selling titles and texts for the CMS.
  • We will monitor the CTR of ads daily.
  • Let's improve the effectiveness of ads.
  • Remove ineffective ads.
  • We will work with the CPC (a set of actions to reduce the CPC).
  • We will filter non-targeted traffic with negative keywords.
  • Let's start A/B testing of ads.
  • Let's start A /B testing of the UTP of the site / landing page (if necessary).
  • We will give recommendations for improving the site to increase conversion (in case any shortcomings are identified).
  • We will analyze the effectiveness of the campaign and do an audit.
  • We will prepare reports.

Advantages of contextual advertising



Contextual advertising allows you to distribute information about almost any type of goods and services.


Flexibility of the advertising campaign

You have the opportunity to make adjustments to the advertising campaign at any time.



Your ads will be seen only by those users who are really interested in buying certain goods and services.


Completeness of information

You will always have access to information about the funds in your account, statistics on the number of requests for certain words, and much more.


Payment of the result

You pay for the actual user clicks on your ads. Ad impressions are not paid for.


Breadth of coverage

You can connect a fairly large number of keywords to your advertising campaign.

Setup cost Google Ads


For whom


  • Number of Keywords

  • Market Research

  • Site Analysis

  • Setting up the Parameters of an Advertising Campaign

  • Setting up Additional Links

  • Setting up UTM Tags

  • Setting up Google Analytics and Goals

  • Setting up Yandex Direct

  • Running a Campaign

  • Deadline


For one service or product

4000 uah

  • up to 400

  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • +2000 uah

  • 7 days

  • up to 3 days

  • Order


For services and goods with a small assortment

6000 uah

  • up to 2000

  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • Ok
  • +3000 uah

  • 30 days

  • up to 5 days

  • Order

How is the work process going?

  • 01 You leave a request
  • 02 We audit your website and analyze the competitive environment
  • 03 We calculate the budget of the advertising campaign
  • 04 You pay for the work
  • 05 We are setting up Google Analytics on your website
  • 06 We collect and show you keywords
  • 07 We are creating and launching an advertising campaign in Google Ads
  • 08 You get customers to the site
  • 09 We conduct campaigns within the agreed period
  • 10 Summing up, reports, coordination of further plans

We are running the campaign

Campaign expansion, transfer to Yandex Direct

Independent campaign management

Our advantages

We give a 100% guarantee of attracting your target audience!


Over the past 3 months, we have set up and run dozens of campaigns in Google Ads.


We select keywords based on your goals.


We save your budget by an average of 40%.


We guarantee you an increase in CTR.


The ability to run a campaign on your account.


We monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign every day. We monitor the bids.


You have full access to any campaign statistics.


We generate reports on the work done and the money spent.

The effectiveness of services
is guaranteed by

Viktor Rets

Viktor Rets
  • Founder of RetsCorp Agency
  • Entrepreneur, investor, marketer
  • Graduate of the Institute of Entrepreneurship «Strategy»
    with a degree in Software Engineering
  • Certified specialist in Yandex Direct, Yandex Metrika,
    Google Maps and Google Analytics
  • Since 2016 in digital marketing
Our task is to make the business memorable and profitable! Otherwise, what are we working for?

Leave a request, and Victor will personally contact you, help you choose an effective promotion strategy, announce the cost of the application and the approximate number of clients per month

Viktor Rets

Yandex Direct Specialist Certificate
Yandex Metrica Specialist Certificate
Google Ads Specialist Certificate
Google Analytic Specialist Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will I spend?

Unfortunately, the existing methods of budget forecasting have too large an error (the difference is 2-3 times in either direction), which means that such a media plan is useless. We will optimize your budget, start from the conversion of the site and the number of sales, as well as from your own capabilities and the potential of the advertising campaign.

Why did you pick up such expensive requests?

We try to create the most effective campaign, so we select only medium- and low-frequency queries. First of all, we look at their effectiveness, not the cost.

On whose account are you setting up Direct / Ads?

We set up contextual advertising on your accounts (no matter Direct or Ads). It is more interesting for us to work on your advertising campaigns for fixed money with you, rather than receive 10% of your Direct budget, which agencies are trying to artificially inflate.

Why do I need maintenance?

The purpose of the business is a constant increase in profits. And there are two sides to this: if the campaign is stopped, then all indicators will begin to decrease. If you continue to maintain – they can improve or remain stable. By indicators we mean not only CTR and CPC, but also many other things: ROI, PPV, CV, number of rejections, returns to the site, viewing depth and duration of the visit, etc. Maintenance takes place due to traffic analytics, budget allocation, A / B tests, optimization of all processes. This can last for years.

How will the reporting be built?

You will have access in which all statistics are visible. If something is unclear, or additional reporting is needed, then we will do it without any problems. Once a month, the results are summed up – it was / became, A / B tests conducted, all actions on the campaign, opportunities for expansion.

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